Men and Fire

We cook over wood and charcoal. Not gas. That is grilling, not BBQ. Sure grilling is dead easy to do but does it taste as good as we make it?  Not at all!  We have three splendid charcoal asadors which besides looking very impressive cook large amounts of BBQ with a splendid mouthwatering smoky aroma your guests will love.  We get amazing feedback from our BBQs so please feel free to get in touch and we’ll cook you a fantastic meal.

The list below is not exhaustive but unfortunately you can’t order it all. Choose three or four selections and let us do the rest.

  • Lamb souvlaki (kebabs) with oregano and rosemary
  • Lamb kofta kebabs with cumin, sumac, and pistachios
  • Homemade burgers and buns
  • Chicken thighs with lemon zest and smoked paprika
  • Marinated Halloumi, red pepper, red onion and courgette kebabs
  • Rib eye steaks
  • Lamb skewers – chunks of lamb leg in a special marinade we found travelling in the greek isles
  • Lamb koftas – minced lamb spiced with cumin, coriander and sumac, served with minted yoghurt
  • Burgers – we don’t mess around, but if you want us to, it’ll be a sprinkle of fresh marjoram in with the meat
  • Halloumi kebabs
  • Chicken thighs with lemon zest and pepper
  • Coriander salmon
  • Vegetable brochettes
  • Langoustines
  • Bangers
  • Pulled Pork
  • Thai pork cakes and carrot dressed with nuoc cham


Of course there will be some Heinz ketchup, French’s mustard and some of our sweet pickled beetroot to go with the burgers, and some cucumber and mint raita for the kebabs.