on Fire

We cook over wood and charcoal. Not gas. Gas is grilling, not BBQ. Sure grilling is dead easy to do but simply put, it doesn't taste anything like the food we cook.  We have three splendid custom made parillas which besides looking very impressive cook large amounts of BBQ with a splendid mouthwatering smoky aroma your guests will love.  We get amazing feedback from our BBQs so please feel free to get in touch and we’ll cook you a truly fantastic meal.

In addition to the menu items below we grill vegetables - peppers, aubergines, red onion, portobello mushrooms and courgettes, to accompany your main courses, and we can do some magnificent chunky fries and hollandaise, and maybe a green salad should you so wish . Choose three or four selections and let us do the rest.  Behind the scenes we'll be brining and marinading to get the maximum flavour we can bring to the party, before we cook, rest and dress your dinner!


  • Dry aged rib of beef, chimmichurri, grilled vegetable selection
  • Butterflied leg of lamb, salsa verde, grilled fennel
  • Langoustines, lemon and tarragon mayo
  • Marinated chicken thighs in lemon, smoked paprika and pepper
  • House 6oz twice ground burger, brioche bun, cheese, pickles and sides
  • Marinated halloumi, red pepper, red onion and courgette kebabs
  • Aubergine parcels of herbed mozzarella
  • Scallops in the shell, herb butter, lemon
  • Spatchcocked chicken, zataar 
  • Lamb skewers with fresh oregano and rosemary
  • Monkfish kebabs, dressed with lime, mango salsa
  • Lamb koftas – minced lamb, mint, cumin, coriander and sumac
  • Coriander and lime salmon
  • Orange and rosemary marinated leg of pork, salmuera
  • Sausages - we make our own recipe fresh chorizo, merguez, and cajun sausages
  • Jerk chicken thighs - proper caribbean style with fruit and heat
  • Grilled pineapple, fresh chilli, hawaiian salt


Of course everything is then paired properly so there will be ketchup, mustard and some of our sweet pickled beetroot to go with the burgers, cucumber and mint raita for the kebabs, and we can put together some watermelon hot sauce allowing those who like a bit of spice to help themselves to a little extra heat.